The last two games I’ve played extensively are Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (ACB) and (as a free download from PSN) Infamous. Both sandbox style free-for-all-do-what-the-hell-you-want-and-screw-the-consequences games. But I have issues with both.

ACB: It takes too long to get anywhere. To play through the entire story I must have had to traverse digital Rome several thousand times. It doesn’t matter how many magical underground tunnels you put in, I still gotta run for five minutes before I can get to a location which provides some entertainment. I’m playing this late at night, I don’t have time for all this fannying around. Get on it Ubisoft.

Infamous: When the games says “Area Cleared: Enemies Will Not Return” then reasonably enough I don’t expect them to be popping up every two minutes out of nowhere. This is of course an attempt to keep the game interesting as the player moves from one mission point to another, but I have a simpler solution. To avoid tedious long trips across the entire map for missions, just don’t put them in the game. Countless man hours saved in the production studio.

In conclusion: get GTA.


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