So Christmas nears and the seemingly traditional problems arise. Some bright spark at We Make Loads of Cash in the Games Industry, has decided, again, that now is the time to release all the killer apps in one fell swoop.

You can't see me.

These are the ones that concern me right now. You see, I want them all. This is despite the fact that I can’t afford them all, neither financially nor temporally. But they all look so good.

The solution is simple: Get one of the above and play it to death, by the time that’s done it’s January sales time and you can reap the benefits of your patience.

But I don’t want to do that. I want them all now. I know it’s materialistic and wrong (doubly so in a recession!) but I can’t help it. SO if anyone out there wants to give me a copy of each of these games, feel free to do so.

Yours hopefully,




  1. Note: In the months since Christmas I have gotten hold of AC and Uncharted. AC is mediocre. Uncharted kicks the proverbial. NFS can go swivel, but I still want Batman. Who doesn’t?!

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