This is a photo post

So I decided to do some messing around with my DSLR camera and Windows Live Movie Maker. Problem is that my Sony a230 DSLR doesn’t shoot video. Instead I took two HDR photographs of the same subject, but adjusted the depth of field in each one so that there was a different focal point. Identical merging and post-processing resulted in strikingly similar images which were only separated by the varying focuses (focusees? focusi? what is the plural there?).

film post

After importing the two shots into Windows Live Movie Maker it was a simple case of creating a nice transition between the two still images, by fading one into the other we have created the impression that a film camera is adjusting its focus. Mega!

Here is the resulting video:

The question is, what to do with this newly acquired force power? Well, I have two ideas.

ONE: The Tarentino Homage

Recreate THIS SCENE FROM PULP FICTION replacing the actors with wooden puppet men. I like this idea because the puppets would look cool in little wigs.

TWO: Fight, Fight, Fight!

Do a fight scene like THIS ONE FROM FACE/OFF with stills of the wooden guys smacking each other around to some mellowed out tunage. POSSIBLY THIS.

Stay tuned for full coverage of all developments.


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