So this is a bit of a trip down memory lane, couldn’t think which category to put it in, so it’s being filed under Online. If you don’t like it, then you should probably be a little less serious.

Many moons ago I tried my hand at songwriting. We have all been there at one point or another. There’s a pretty standard order for the steps required if you wish to nurture some musical creativity:

1. Get hormonal.

2. Become obsessed with the music of one artist or band, normally because your hormones are going wild and you fancy the singer.

3. Use this as an excuse to claim a knowledge of music vastly superior to all others.

4. Start saying things like “I’m into music” or “I didn’t know you were into music” because you think being “into music” is a thing, rather than understanding that everyone on the planet likes music.

5. Learn an instrument, because your hormones are getting desperate and you need to impress any, ANY potential mate.

6. Learn to play other peoples’ songs because it is a convenient shortcut.

7. Get bored when it doesn’t work.

8. Hang around, sulk, then eventually grow up a bit.

9. Decide to do something with this skill you have magically acquired. Write song.

10. Repeat step 9 until something vaguely musical is produced.

So once upon a time I followed these steps, sort of. And music sprung forth and it was, well, okay. Then I forgot all about them (the songs and the steps). These days those meddlin’ kids can produce a tip-top sounding recording using their iWhatevers but in the good ole days that wasn’t going to happen. A few friends and I holed up for an afternoon of fun and games and recorded some tunes and then seven years later I found a few of them. It may sound a bit rough, a little in need of polish, but at the time we thought it was the business. I should probably mention that we did have a drink that day…

Here’s one of the songs:





So I got a new phone recently. A Samsung Galaxy S2. And very fine it is too. I’ve been hammering the apps and games lately so I thought I’d share a few of my current favourites. WARNING there are no Angry Birds in this post.


Shine Runner

This is a cracking little game. Race between swampy outposts collecting swag en route then trade moonshine and other Deliverencesque items to make as much moolah as possible within a set time limit. Runs like a dream and can be easily picked up. Ace.



Tap left to move left and tap right to, you get the picture. Avoid the barriers and just keep going. Oh, it gets faster, did I mention that? This game looks so cool. Great diversion. So good I don’t care about the ads.

3. NFL Flick Quarterback


Visually stunning throwaway (geddit?) NFL action. San Diego Chargers if you must know.



This puzzler has 2,000 levels. Kills the time. And looks good too.


Edge Extended


I loved Edge. Now it’s even better. Dynamic camera, splendid tunes, glorious design and a great learning curve. You MUST try this game. Get the cube to the goal negotiating a million and one different problems. Extremely satisfying mixtures of dexterity and puzzle solving required.

So there’s five for now. More to follow. Maybe.