This is a photo post

So I decided to do some messing around with my DSLR camera and Windows Live Movie Maker. Problem is that my Sony a230 DSLR doesn’t shoot video. Instead I took two HDR photographs of the same subject, but adjusted the depth of field in each one so that there was a different focal point. Identical merging and post-processing resulted in strikingly similar images which were only separated by the varying focuses (focusees? focusi? what is the plural there?).

film post

After importing the two shots into Windows Live Movie Maker it was a simple case of creating a nice transition between the two still images, by fading one into the other we have created the impression that a film camera is adjusting its focus. Mega!

Here is the resulting video:

The question is, what to do with this newly acquired force power? Well, I have two ideas.

ONE: The Tarentino Homage

Recreate THIS SCENE FROM PULP FICTION replacing the actors with wooden puppet men. I like this idea because the puppets would look cool in little wigs.

TWO: Fight, Fight, Fight!

Do a fight scene like THIS ONE FROM FACE/OFF with stills of the wooden guys smacking each other around to some mellowed out tunage. POSSIBLY THIS.

Stay tuned for full coverage of all developments.



I have been meaning to go into the Anglican Cathedral here in Liverpool to take some pictures for some time now, and I was able to free up an hour this week to get in there and snap away. The beauty of indoor photography is that it is rarely affected by the weather. You wouldn’t know it but on this day it was lashing down with rain and blowing  a gale outside.

I managed to get a couple of vertical panorama shots taken, the first of these (below) was of the Lady Chapel, a five shot stitch, each shot consisting of 4 different exposures blended together, 20 photographs to make the whole thing. The second image (of the somewhat unimaginatively named Central Space) was 6 shots, each one 4 exposures. So that’s 24 images in total. Plus I had to paste in the top of the ceiling in that one because I hadn’t really planned it out too well. Though I’m guessing not too many people would know if I hadn’t spilled the beans on that one.

I’m pretty happy with the results, though I kinda want to take some more now so I can make it better. Just have to find another spare hour. Given that information, you should expect an update on my progress in about six month’s time.


About a week or so ago I visited Chester Zoo with the family to see some sights and shoot some snaps.

I posted this image to my Flickr account:

I got a tweet the next day complimenting the shot from the dudes at the Zoo, who linked to it from the Chester Zoo Facebook page.

Many, many hits followed and I was made up with all the positive feedback. Then the Zoo private messaged me on Twitter to ask if the could have the picture to use on the cover of their quarterly magazine. I am very excited about this. Very. Excited. Will keep everyone updated.


So I took an afternoon off this week and Kerry and I went to Allerton Towers. I’ve lived round here for 27 of my 30 years and never been here before. Took the opportunity to get a couple of photos while I was there. The panorama (bottom image) caused  some consternation when it wouldn’t line up properly, but I got there in the end.

The Park was only small but it was beautiful, and at 3:00 on a Tuesday afternoon it was empty, which was ideal. If you are ever in the local area I recommend you give it a try.